Oven Baked Mambo Chicken Wings With Chile Lime & Cajun Blackening Spice.


  1. 3 Pounds Of Cleaned Party Chicken Wings
  2. Spiceology Cajun Blackening Blend Spice 
  3. Spiceology Chile Lime Blend Spice 
  4. Capital City Mambo Mild/Hot Sauce Or Any 
  5. Mumbo Sauce 
  6. Sea Salt 
  7. Black Pepper 
  8. Flat Baking Sheet Pan 
  9. Vegetable Oil 
  10. Freezer Bag 
  11. Fresh Chives – Optional


  1. Clean & Rinse Chicken Wings And Place Them All Into A Freezer Bag. 
  2. Season Chicken With Cajun Blackening Spice In Bag Making Sure That Most Of The Wings Are Fully Coated. 
  3. Season Chicken With Chile Lime Spice In Bag Making Sure That Most Of The Wings Are Fully Coated.
  4. Season Chicken With 1 TSP Of Sea Salt In Bag. 
  5. Season Chicken With 1 Tsp Of Black Pepper In Bag. 
  6. Seal The Freezer Bag Tight Leaving A Little Air In The Bag. 
  7. Shake The Bag Until Every Piece Of Chicken Is Fully Coated In Seasoning. 
  8. If The Chicken is Not Fully Coated Add More Spice To The Bag Of Both Spices And Shake again. 
  9. Next Open Bag And Squeeze in One Half Of A 12 Oz Bottle Of Mambo Sauce. 
  10. Seal Bag Back Up And Shake Chicken Until Every Piece Has Sauce On Them. 
  11. Next Take 1 TBSP Of Vegetable Oil And Pour It In The Middle Of The Baking Sheet. You Might Need To Add More Depending On The Size Of Your Pan.
  12. Using A Clean Paper Tile folded In Half Spread Oil On The Bottom Of The Baking Sheet So The Chicken Won’t Stick To The Bottom. 
  13. Place Each Piece Of Chicken flat On The Baking Sheet Spaced Evenly. 
  14. Pre-Heat Oven To 400 Degrees. 
  15. Once Oven Is Hot Enough Place Chicken In Oven Uncovered for 30 Minutes. 
  16. After 30 Minutes Flip Each Piece Of Chicken And Cook For An Additional 30 Minutes.
  17. Take Chicken Out The Oven And By Using A Fork The Chicken Should Be Tender To Touch. 
  18. Next Squeeze More Mambo Sauce On Each Piece Of Chicken And Place Back In Oven For 10 More Minutes.
  19. Take Chicken Out The Oven And Let Cool A Little Before Serving. Optional -Cut Up Fresh Chives And Sprinkle Them Over The Chicken For Garnish.
  20. The Chicken Wings Should Have An Internal Temperature Of 165 Fahrenheit To Be Completely done. 
  21. Enjoy Food With Zach Family 😋

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