Hi Everyone,

My name is Zachary E Melby Jr and I am a home chef with a passion for food and creating delicious new recipes. I’m a college graduate from Full Sail University in Winter Park Florida. I earned my Bachelors Of Science Degree In Film in 2009. After graduating with my film degree I decided to further my education by taking online classes to earn my master’s degree in media design. While taking these courses I decided to move to Los Angeles California to pursue a career in the film industry. I never managed to find the time to finish my online courses over the years but I plan to complete them in the near future. In the meantime, while living in Los Angels I realized I loved cooking just as much as film. I then came up with the idea to Create a food blog on Instagram called OneOfAkindChefs which highlighted other chefs recipes and some of my own food dishes. I then later created Food With Zach on Instagram to solely focus on my own food recipes and daily food activities. I love how social media has evolved over the years and how it’s played such a huge role in where I’m at today. Being able to film and cook and share my recipes with the world has been so rewarding an I look forward to continuing this food journey with you all.

I have always had a love for food and how it was made. My mom begin teaching me how to cook by the age of 6 years old. I started out like being her sous chef  by helping doing a small task like cracking the eggs for breakfast or sautéing the onions for dinner. The older I got the more responsibility I had in the kitchen. I was a very observant kid and would watch how my mom and grandparents prepared there meals. Food in our family has always played a huge role to how our day got started and how it ended. I always loved how tasty food always put a smile on people’s faces. My grandparents also played a huge role for my passion to learn how to cook. I can remember every family food function I got excited for what my grandma or granddad had prepared for that day. I always enjoyed my grandfathers homemade spaghetti and beef vegetable soup. My grandmas chicken and dumplings were always a huge hit as well. Fast forward to today I have taking all of my moms and grandparents cooking lessons and advice and ran with it. I have learned so much on my own just by experimenting and going through trail and error. Creating recipes and cooking them on film or photographing my dishes has really been an awesome experience. I love sharing my cooking ideas just as much as I like learning from others around me. I hope this website helps you learn something new or just gives you a great idea perfecting your own delicious food dishes. 

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